Frequently asked questions

If I don’t have a confirmed wedding date now, can I still confirm the photo or bridal services now with SnJ Wedding Services?

Yes, you will still be able to confirm the bridal services now with us.

What are the benefits of confirming the wedding package early with SnJ Wedding Services?

By confirming the wedding package early with SnJ Wedding Services, you will be able to ensure that the price of the wedding package which you had signed up, will remain the same until your wedding without any changes in the content.

What are the charges that are excluded from the pre-wedding photoshoot package?

Admission charges for specific outdoor locations.

What are the modes of payment accepted?

SnJ Wedding Services accepts an array of the modes of payment such as Cash, Paynow and Internet Banking.

What happens after I confirm your service?

Our staffs at SnJ Wedding Services will proceed with arranging an appropriate appointment with you based on your wedding date.

What is the lead time for SnJ Wedding Services to get back to us after enquiring?

At SnJ Wedding Services, we are committed to being responsive in all our services. We will get back to you in regards to your enquiries within the same day or a day after.

Is there any inflation due to seasonal popularity in different countries for the pre-wedding photoshoot?

Yes. Due to seasonal popularity in different countries, there will be inflation in prices.

What does the standard local pre-wedding photoshoot package include?

For our standard local pre-wedding photoshoot package, it includes: - crystal glassphoto album - portrait frame - rental of 03 x gowns & suits - make-up & hair-dos.

What does the overseas pre-wedding photoshoot package include?

For our overseas pre-wedding photoshoot package, it includes the rental of gowns, suits, hair-dos, photography crew air tickets, accommodation and meals.

Do you do customisation / made to measure songket & gowns?

Yes. At SnJ Wedding Services, our talented gown designer will provide customisation and made to measure songket and gowns as requested.

Do you provide accessories?

Yes, we have a wide variety of accessories. e.g. necklaces, earrings, hair accessories, bow ties, ties etc.

Can I try on some of your songket or gowns before deciding to sign up with you?

Yes. We would love to let you try on our gowns and suits to ensure you get the best fit of clothing suitable for your momentous event and understand better in regards to the quality materials we used.

How long can I rent the songket / gowns / dresses / suits for?

- For local wedding: 3 – 5 days. - For overseas wedding: 7 – 10 days.

Are alteration and dry cleaning included?

Yes, the alteration and dry cleaning are included as part of our service at SnJ Wedding Services.

How long do you need for alteration?

Approximately 1 Week.

When do you deliver my gown?

2 days before your wedding date.

What is the lead time required for a made-to-measure gown?

Approximately 3 Months.

What is the difference between a Suit and a tuxedo?

Suits are generally more popular for casual and less formal occasions. Tuxedos are suited for more formal events like ballroom banquets.

What is the lead time required for made-to-measure suits?

2 Months.

What are the suits collections available?

At SnJ Wedding Services, we have over 20 designs of suits in our collection.

Where is your bridal located?

Woodlands Avenue 6, Singapore 730722

Are we restricted to the number of locations that we can choose for our Pre-Wedding photo shoot?

Yes, we do limit our clients on the number of locations ( Max 2 ) for their pre-wedding photo shoot.

Could I do a consultation before the pre-wedding shoot?

Yes! Our photographer, Ray will arrange a meet up with you to discuss the photoshoot.

Do I decide the locations that I wish to go for my shoot? Who and when to plan the itinerary for the shoot?

Yes. Our clients would be able to decide on the locations and our photographer, Ray will provide you with recommendations and advice based on your preferences.

How long before my wedding should I have the pre-wedding shoot?

At SnJ Wedding Services, we advise our clients to have the pre-wedding photoshoot done 5 – 6 Months before weddings.

Are there different types of albums for me to choose?

No. We have carry the latest designs of Crystal Glass Albums for our clients.

Is transportation provided for my pre-wedding photoshoot?

Outdoor shoot transport is chargeable.

Are props for, e.g. balloons and flowers, provided for by you for the photo shoot?

Yes. SnJ Wedding Services will provide the fake flower bouquets. However, couples would need to order

Do I need to hire a tour guide/translator for countries in which there is a language barrier?

Not necessary.

Is there a backup day provided for a local/overseas pre-wedding photoshoot?

For the overseas pre-wedding photoshoot, we will provide a backup day. For the local pre-wedding photoshoot, we can reschedule it for another day which our clients are available.

What are the usual backup plans for an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot?

We will stay for an additional day at the specific location as a backup day to mitigate any unforeseen circumstances or bad weather from interrupting our pre-wedding photoshoot plan.

What are the things provided during the actual day wedding shoot?

Fresh flowers bouquets, hair accessories, accessories, bridesmaid wristband flower (artificial flowers).

Is the transport for the photography team included in the actual day package?

Our photographers will have their own transport to the bride’s house in the morning.

Do I have to provide a table or food for the bridal team?

Not needed.

Will the actual wedding day photos be delivered in an album?

The actual day wedding photoshoot will be uploaded into a thumb drive (Full Edited) as well as in a customised album with casing.

Is there a break time allocated for the team? How long would that be?

The team will take a quick bite snack during change over of outfits hence no precious shots are missed off.

Does SnJ Wedding Services do overseas actual wedding shoot?

Yes, we do.