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  • I have small shoulders, am very busty, and five feet tall. Any ideas?"
    A mermaid dress would be perfect for you. A high slit would also look great.
  • I am petite with a short bust line. Is a mermaid dress ok?
    Yes. That could look very nice on that body type.
  • I have a small bust and waist, but a big rear end. My hips are a bit wide. What type of dress should I get?"
    Try on a mermaid dress. It will complement your figure
  • How do I choose a wedding dress if I am very short and slim with a large bust?
    A-line is the best option, but be careful with sweetheart necklines, as your "gals" can pop out if you bend over too far.
  • How do I pick a wedding dress when I have a big butt and I'm short?
    A mermaid style dress would probably look good on you, but you will have to go to the store and try some things on to see for sure.
  • I am 4'11, 200 lbs and big hips - what style is best for me?"
    Just go dress shopping and try on different styles until you find something you like.
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