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All-Inclusive Packages @ Low Price

You probably know by now that, the moment you get engaged, no one hesitates to start flooding you with questions. And that’s when it hits you…You actually have to plan a wedding now. But you have no idea how!

With the all-inclusive packages at SnJ Wedding Services, your wedding planning is essentially one-and-done! We include and provide multiple services all in one simplistic and personalized planning process.

We’ll walk you through the entire wedding planning process - from the timeline of your ceremony and reception to coordinating everything on the day of. We’ve worked really hard on designing our packages and the best option for a stress-free planning experience – all without breaking the bank. Think of it like bundling your cable, internet, and phone line! In a world where wedding planning is a huge production that comes with overwhelming expenses and stress, your ease of mind and happiness are our number one objective. And that's what we refer to as VSC - value, service, and convenience that you can't find at any other wedding services!

It’s essentially an easy, three-step process. First, you fall in love with a package that includes everything you’re looking for. Second, you can see what the price is for that package based on your anticipated guest count and the time of year you’d like to get married.

We promise there are NO hidden fees. We believe in being upfront with you about all of your wedding details – and that includes the pricing. So, what you see is what you pay!

Each of our packages has different pricing giving you more variety to choose from and a better ability to find what’s best for you and your fiancé! You’ll see that our packages are laid out to easily show what’s included in each package and what the price is for each. Keep in mind that you can add (additional cost) BUT can’t remove anything from any package!

We offer a complimentary tour and consultation once a week (Every Saturday – By Appointment ONLY) for you! There, a consultant on-site will take you on a full tour of the venue, and explain to you the wedding package. You’ll even get to leave with all of the information so that you can refer back to it at home. This appointment takes no more than an hour! Reach out to Mr. Sha at (65) 8468 2076 or to book a tour at our venues!

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