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@ SnJ A helping hand for others to reach out

How can you help someone who is looking for a Job?

If you have a friend, a colleague, neighbor or family member who is unemployed and looking for a job, you can use these to help them in their job search.

Job hunting can be a lonely and stressful experience especially in this COVID-19 period. When someone is looking for a job, they need all the help, support and encouragement that they can possibly get.

There is nothing more frustrating than applying for tens and even hundreds of jobs and not hearing any response. It feels as if your cover letter and resume have gone into a black hole.

At those moments, stress and self-doubt slowly creep in and as time goes by it gets worse. So how can you help someone who is searching for a job?

Sometimes we don’t offer help because we are not sure how to go about offering help to a job seeker. However, any help is better than none.

You can lend a helping hand by doing something as simple as introducing someone to your contacts who could open doors for the person.

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