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SnJ doesn't just provide Photography & Bridal but Catering as well, and Li Queen Frozen Food doesn't just supply. Instead, both have established themselves as brands -- in particular, functions, occasion and daily lifestyle needs. These shared values make them a perfect pairing for co-branding campaigns, especially those surrounding service providers.

To make the partnership work, Li Queen Forzen Food supplies to SnJ Catering -- from the supplier perspective. At the same time, SnJ uses its experience and reputation to run and manage events.

The partnerships between Li Queen Frozen Food & SnJ allows exclusive content to enhance both companies' growth.

LI QUEEN FROZEN FOOD PTE LTD is well known in the frozen food product industry for using innovative methods in perfecting tasty recipes for frozen meals and finger food. Preparation methods are also researched extensively to ensure that our customers and their families can enjoy our products at its best.

With LI QUEEN FROZEN FOOD, customers get to experience the ease and convenience of fozen food without compromising on taste and quality.
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