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SnJ Bakery is all about passionate bakers, and Yong Zhan doesn't just supply. Instead, both have established themselves as brands -- in particular, functions, occasion and daily lifestyle needs. These shared values make them a perfect pairing for co-branding campaigns, especially those surrounding service providers.

To make the partnership work, Yong Zhan Provision supplies to SnJ Bakery -- from the supplier perspective. At the same time, SnJ uses its experience and reputation to run and manage events.

The partnerships between Yong Zhan & SnJ Bakery allows exclusive content to enhance both companies' growth.

At Yong Zhan, we strive to keep pace with the latest baking trends and supply our clients i.e SnJ Bakery with the best possible baking ingredients and bakeware accessories to ensure that their creations taste good. Our expertise in the bakery field enables us to offer knowledgeable guidance and an extensive line of unique products. Rest assured that with us, you have found the most reliable supplier. We complete orders on time and assure timely deliveries. Our dedicated team, innovative products, extensive baking classes and valuable customers have made us a success.

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