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What is the difference between photos taken by professional photographer and beginner?

I've been receiving numerous queries WHY Professional Photographer services are expensive OR what's the difference of outcome taken by professional and common folks? In my previous posting, I've explained WHY Professional Photographer Service are expensive hence in this posting am gonna focus on the differences. If you are merely looking at the photos after the shutter clicks, then there is no difference.

A professional photographer goes through tons of thought processes before taking a picture. To a lay person, he/she simply just clicks the button like anyone would a camera.

A professional photographer appears to be just clicking the button like anyone else because he has gone through the thought process so many times, you don't see it happen.

Photography is a discipline that is equally technical and creative.

You can find out first hand the answer to your question by showing a snapshot you took that you particularly like to a photographer and ask for some critique. You will then know what exactly is the difference.

Allow me to show the difference between regular snapshots (top) and carefully crafted images (bottom).

These three sets of pictures consist of two photos taken at the same spot. The only difference? One is a version even our grandma could make with her phone (if she upgraded from a dial-up, of course) and the other is produced using professional gear and post production wizardry.

Hopefully with this illustrations, the general questions are answered.

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