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What to Expect If You’re Planning a 2022 Wedding

“For 2022, the primary challenge is VENUE and availability,” Ms. Jannah states. “We’ve never seen so much interest in weddings and gatherings in the history of our company. While it may seem exciting, it’s actually really tough because we know that if we’re getting six inquiries a day, we can only imagine how many venues are getting. We’re already in a position of having to jump on decisions far sooner than we normally would, out of fear that our preferred venues and vendors won’t have availability.

For now, our sales & marketing teams are working overtime to get our 2022 clients set up because, as she says, "it will be nearly impossible to secure the right talent once the world opens back up." Her advice? “Book your packages and dates as soon as possible! Whether you’re doing this by yourself or with a planner, you’ll want to book your venue to guarantee availability,” she says.

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