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Looking for wedding packages to help save some money? Definitely! Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and we understand the need for everything to be perfect, while at a good price. We curated wedding packages that we hope can help in your wedding planning; quality services from wedding makeup artists, wedding photographers, and videographers, to wedding bridal and wedding venues. Take your vows to new heights with these intimate and unique wedding packages. From the engagement party to your marriage solemnization, our Venue will set hearts fluttering with enchanting and breath-taking decoration to set the mood.

  • I have small shoulders, am very busty, and five feet tall. Any ideas?"
    A mermaid dress would be perfect for you. A high slit would also look great.
  • I am petite with a short bust line. Is a mermaid dress ok?
    Yes. That could look very nice on that body type.
  • I have a small bust and waist, but a big rear end. My hips are a bit wide. What type of dress should I get?"
    Try on a mermaid dress. It will complement your figure
  • How do I choose a wedding dress if I am very short and slim with a large bust?
    A-line is the best option, but be careful with sweetheart necklines, as your "gals" can pop out if you bend over too far.
  • How do I pick a wedding dress when I have a big butt and I'm short?
    A mermaid style dress would probably look good on you, but you will have to go to the store and try some things on to see for sure.
  • I am 4'11, 200 lbs and big hips - what style is best for me?"
    Just go dress shopping and try on different styles until you find something you like.
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